The Rooster

My name is Eddy TELL, I am 35 years old and I grew up in Sarrians, a village in the countryside of the south of France. 

I worked for 20 years in the public works sector, the last seven as a manager in the construction industry.

Then the pandemic arrived, and lockdown allowed me to rethink my objectives.


A few months after the beginning of the pandemic, I had the opportunity to leave Europe for the first time and travel to an African country.

This is where I became aware of the inequalities that existed among the children in that country.

While some are in school, others are trying to survive by selling sandwiches or worse, picking up garbage barefoot in the dumps. I also saw first hand what large scale pollution and mass deforestation is.

We all know it exists, but to be confronted with it directly is revolting.

What are we doing to prevent this?

What can we do ?

After seeing these children growing up without education and in a hyper-polluted environment, I decided to travel the world in order to help them access education and understand the importance of protecting the planet, because they are the gateway to change, and to a better future!

Therefore, I created the association THE ROOSTER

I chose the rooster as its name and logo to represent France, as it is also my country’s symbol.

I decided to make this project a family association:

my parents Charles and Monique TELL became President and Vice-President of the association and take action against climate change in our village.

More details in my presentation videos:

in French

in Spanish

Take action for the environment and education by supporting our association now.