The Rooster

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I want to do everything in my power for the protection of our planet and to help disadvantaged communities.

My project aims to bring help and joy to children who often have little or no access to education, and who work at a very young age to financially help their families.

Another objective is to encourage action because each action, however small it seems, is important for our survival and our children’s survival.

I also want to show that anyone can break their chains, and it is never too late to achieve your dreams.

I want people to understand that we can do it, that together we can succeed in preserving humanity and wildlife.

I want to share the immensity of what can be explored in terms of cultural and natural diversity, because the discovery of others is the key to a more tolerant world!

I want to remind you that “our present” will be our “future past”, so let’s plant together the seeds of hope and educate for a happy future!


The soccer tournaments in each country bring together dozens of children from different schools, different communities, as well as teachers, parents, and volunteers from the surrounding villages. A day of games and joy, of discovery, but also of sport, fighting spirit and team spirit.


During each event, every child receives a school supply kit containing a school bag, several notebooks, pencils, 4 pens, a geometry kit, a ruler, a compass, an eraser and a pencil case. This action aims to help families support the costs of their children’s education. Knowledge and education give the power to develop and change things by obtaining free will and a critical eye!

Raise awareness

THE ROOSTER also organizes activities in schools! The aim of these interventions is to get to know the children and the teachers, and to make them aware of environmental issues. After exchanging ideas, we play games together about waste decomposition and recycling, and we finish by planting trees together in the school. We aim to plant 2100 trees in total and while doing that, make all the children aware of how powerful our planet’s natural cycle is, and of their future’s greatest challenge: regenerating the earth’s lungs!


By gathering, educating and planting regionally adapted, water-efficient endemic species, we will reach the target of about 800 tons of CO2 recycled naturally in the first 15 years of the trees’ life! Although this will not have a huge impact on climate change, it should act as a seed planted in the children’s minds that, as it grows, will have a much greater impact on the world of tomorrow.

Indeed, 2100 children will be made aware of the importance of protecting the planet, and as many children will have all the necessary supplies to learn with joy at school.

In each Latin American country, we visit several schools in disadvantaged communities, organise a football tournament combined with a school supplies donation event and plant trees with the children.

The journey