The Rooster

Financing and partners


Total cost of the project for 49 months of travel through the 18 countries of Latin America:

Total cost to carry out the 21 donation events of the association in order to help 2100 children and plant 2100 trees: 105 000€

The participation of a child in a donation event represents an average cost of 50€.


The project is financed by a personal contribution and by donations. 23,250€ of donations have been received to date.

The association is still looking for 174 550 € in order to reach all its objectives.

Support us

Support us through HelloAsso, a participative financing platform for associations where I created The Rooster account, or contact me directly.

The association being declared under the french law of 1901, any donation made by a French person or company is tax deductible, up to 66% for individuals and 60% for companies.

Our partners

SAFTI Immobilier

SAFTI Immobilier is the Rooster’s partner!

SAFTI has more than 5,000 advisors throughout France who will assist you and put their know-how at your service throughout your real estate projects. 

Committed to the cause defended by The Rooster, the company donates 10% of the fees generated by the sale of each property sold with the code The Rooster to the association.

Independent Real Estate Advisor

Tél : +33 6 15 96 70 93

E-mail :

Website : Safti Immobilier – Pascale Marbaud

If you are selling a property (land, personal or business property, business assets, commercial lease), think of SAFTI and support The Rooster action!

CARTOLIA Ingénierie

Expert in the field of engineering and technical studies of 3D lasergrammetry.

Richard FIET et David LIPNICKI

Tél : 03 68 33 50 97

E-mail :

Website : Cartolia Ingenierie

60H avenue du 14 Juillet, 21300 Chenôve

Cyril Coghetto Signalisations

For more than 10 years, the CCS company has been specialized in the activity of road marking and the installation of horizontal and vertical signs. Quality, reactivity of intervention and reliability are the key words of Cyril Coghetto’s company created in 2006. Committed to respecting the regulations, Cyril Coghetto invested in a building in Longvic and hired his first employee. Over the years, CCS has grown from two employees to eight in 2018.

Open from Monday to Friday from 08h to 18h


Tél : 06 08 54 91 58

E-mail :

Website : Cyril Coghetto Signalisations

18 rue Léon Jouhaux,
21800 Neuilly Lès Dijon

illiCO Travaux Dijon

Mathieu LARRIERE of the illiCO travaux Dijon agency is at your disposal for all your work projects in Dijon and its surroundings.

Whether it’s for an extension, a renovation or interior or exterior layout, contact your illiCO travaux advisor to discuss your project with him!

illiCO travaux Dijon

Tél : 06 83 88 28 35

Website : illiCO Travaux Dijon

12 rue de Gray 21000 DIJON


Company specialized in 3D scanning and modeling: 

New technologies offer new survey methods for constructions. 

Whether with a Lidar scanner (lasergrammetry), a camera or a drone (photogrammetry), it is possible to digitally reconstruct a building in the form of a cloud of points based on the existing.

Both fast and accurate, the model produced is a solid and accurate basis for quickly making a digital model, a plan of the existing, for any type of architecture, complex or not.

Dechanet Facility

Tél : 07 66 85 32 26

E-mail :

Website : Dechanet Facility

Based in Dijon, we can move quickly in Cote d’or and more generally in Burgundy for photogrammetry by drone or inspection by drone. Any other displacement is to be studied according to the case, do not hesitate to consult us.


1PRIM is specialized in the personalization of all communication supports: stickers, panel, tarpaulin, vehicles, textiles, advertising object etc.


Tél :

Website : 1Prim

18, Rue Léon Jouhaux, NEUILLY – CRIMOLOIS, 

Bourgogne-Franche-Comté 21800, FR



Clémentine COLY

Tél : 07 82 18 61 42

E-mail :

Website : in-designinterieurs

Dijon, 21000

BRAGNY Prestations

Jean-François ROCHETTE

Tél : 03 85 91 54 10

33 Rue de Montée, 71350 Bragny-sur-Saône, France

ATS Emploi

ATS Emploi was created in 2018. Our group results from the desire of the two leaders to open a recruitment firm with simplicity and quality. Our team has extensive experience in the field of recruitment and offers specialized expertise and efficient methods.

Quentin PESME
ATS Emploi Dijon

Tél : 03 73 27 50 33

E-mail :

Website : ATS Emploi

28 Boulevard de la Marne 

21000 Dijon

ATS Emploi Péage de Roussillon

Tél : 09 72 19 41 62

E-mail :

11 Place Paul Morand

38550 Le Péage de Roussillon

ATS Emploi Beaune

E-mail :

14, Rue Poterne

21200 Beaune

ATS Emploi Lyon

E-mail :

Immeuble Le Fontenay
63, Rue André BOLLIER

69007 Lyon

PCR Provence Concept Réalisation

Electrical installation work in all premises


Tél : 06 50 75 82 16

2 All. de Covet, 13127 Vitrolles, France

La Petite Jasse

Maison Beaudin:

Breeder from father to son since 1960

Boxed or retail sales: lamb, beef, pork. Local products.


Tél : 06 17 68 91 32

444 Chem. du Moutail, 84260 Sarrians, France

Maçonnerie Julien Clément

General masonry work and building shells.


Tél : 04 90 28 73 97

466 chem Moutail 84260 SARRIANS 

Take action for the environment and education by supporting our association now.